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My unique approach to training and consultancy will unlock the revenue generating potential of your B2B Sales Team


Domain Expertise


Sales is People

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My expertise

The Advantage of Experience 

In the realm of sales leadership, knowing what constitutes a top-tier sales team is merely the first step of the growth challenge.

Unlocking the true revenue-generating potential is only achieved when one understands how to inspire individuals and lead teams to deliver exceptional levels of performance.

 Herein lies my distinctive advantage: a profound understanding of the "how." 

Game-changing performance starts with


 Unleashing extraordinary performance requires leaders who can think and act inspirationally 

Sales strategy

I work with organisations to assess their strategic sales options, navigate the decision-making process, and develop a compelling sales plan aligning with their overarching business objectives.

Staff morale

I train leaders to inspire staff by equipping them with the skills that foster an inspirational, purpose-driven environment whilst cultivating mutual respect and boosting employees' performance.


Effective execution is crucial, even with a great plan and motivated sales staff. I specialise in go-to-market strategies, optimising sales processes and leveraging technology for operational excellence.

Consistent performance excellence is about


Maintaining individual and team performance

requires a focus on process and disciplines

Pipeline and lead prospecting

I work with organisations to help sales managers build consistent sales prospecting methodologies and pipeline management processes that build momentum and results.

Staff training and development

My suite of sales skills training options leads to staff becoming force multipliers, achieving more deals closed faster, at higher margins, and with enhanced customer satisfaction.

Client management

I organise sales teams to be obsessive about protecting and growing their incumbent client base, through excellence in planning, communication, problem resolution and negotiation.

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Sales success requires effective


 Structured process and peak productivity 

 are as important as closing skill prowess 

Sales process

I show organisations how to achieve excellence in sales processes and maintaining agreed-upon disciplines to consistently yield higher revenues and profits rather than relying solely on sales staff skills.

Sales materials

Your clients are interested only in how you solve their problems, not what you do. I specialise in helping sales teams format their sales messaging and materials to maximise cut through at pitch stage.

Management frameworks

I have an expertise in helping organisations embrace the most appropriate management frameworks to drive OKRs, performance reviews, decision making and KRA and SOPs.



What Makes Me Different?

To achieve enduring value, my approach transcends imparting knowledge, techniques, and skills. I am deeply committed to instilling inspiration as the core of my philosophy. Every endeavour I undertake is driven by an unwavering determination to ignite the motivation within your staff, compelling them to take action and fully embrace the value I deliver to your organisation.

How I Can Help

My expertise aligns perfectly with clients who prioritise their people's development and are driven to achieve excellence


Experience the advantages of a top-tier sales director without incurring full-time costs. Engage my services for a limited number of hours per week and unlock the expertise and guidance your organisation needs to maximize sales effectiveness and drive sustainable growth.


Allow me to diagnose the reasons behind your underperforming sales function and chart a definitive path to success. With my expertise, I can pinpoint the underlying issues and provide actionable strategies to propel your sales team towards exceptional performance and achievement.


Experience customised leadership, management, and sales skills development programs designed specifically for your organisation. Unlock your team's full potential and achieve substantial revenue growth through my tailored courses.

About me

About Me

As a former international competitive swimmer, my drive for success and pursuit of elite performance has transcended into every aspect of my professional career. I have honed a distinctive and all-encompassing skill set in sales, marketing, and business management. This expertise has been cultivated through leading sales functions in both blue-chip organizations and small to medium-sized companies, as well as co-founding a highly successful media startup in Australia.

Born and raised in Scotland, the first half of my career was in London, before being relocated to Sydney, Australia. Alongside my professional pursuits, I find joy and fulfilment in my role as a dedicated family man, blessed with a loving marriage and three wonderful children.

My B2B Sales Career

With over 25 years of experience at the C-suite level, I have spearheaded sales operations for numerous renowned organisations, continuously sought after to resolve even more formidable sales challenges.

Pharmaceutical Sector

Regional Sales Team Manager

After completing a 12-month training program, my first management role was leading a team of 12 Sales Representatives selling OTC products to pharmacies. We won European Sales Team of the Year, a significant milestone in my early career.


UK Sales Controller

Wholesale Sales Director

Trade Marketing Director

Over seven years, I oversaw multiple UK sales functions for two global media giants. This included UK Sales Controller, leading a team of 6 Regional Managers, 48 Territory Managers, and 80 retail merchandisers. Additionally, for three years I served as the UK Trade Marketing Director for all BBC consumer DVDs, Books and Magazines, on brands such as Top Gear, David Attenborough and Doctor Who.

Magazine Publishing

Sales and Marketing Director

Fiduciary Board Member

I was relocated by EMAP as Sales and Marketing Director to lead the launch of prominent UK magazine brands into the Australian market as well as building Circulation, Marketing, and Retail Sales teams. I joined the APAC Board, assuming ANZ P&L responsibility for a magazine, digital and exhibition brand portfolio. 

Custom Media
Globe Publishing

GM of Sales and Marketing


Following EMAPs sale of their Australian business I co-founded Globe Publishing, a custom magazine agency. As General Manager responsible for new business and client services I built the business to annual revenues of $6m within three years, winning prominent clients such as Commonwealth Bank, Telstra, RACWA, Netregistry as well as a number of Australian Member Associations 

IT and Finance Sectors

Sales and Marketing Director ANZ

Head of Sales APAC

With the collapse of the custom print magazine sector I transitioned into the IT and Finance sectors as Sales and Marketing Director for global marketing agency, Oneaffiniti. Offering clients channel marketing and loyalty program solutions, I had APAC responsibility for the new business, client services, campaign marketing and BI functions. Major clients included Google, Lenovo, Microsoft, HP, Intuit, CGU and BOQ.



“A force to be reckoned with! I've known David 20 years and can honestly say, he is, without question, the most inspirational sales leader I've ever worked for”

Mark Cowie, Sales Director, Tribe Breweries


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